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10:00n/aLilian May Price ( Bakers Funeral Services)Baby Grimwood ( Richards Funeral Service) Olive Irene Ruggles ( East of England Co-Operative Maldon)n/an/a
11:00n/aWilliam Alexander MacKay ( Cooperative Funeral Care Chelmsford) Barbara James ( T Pennack & Sons)Keith Anthony Wilderspin ( T Pennack & Sons)n/an/a
13:00n/aBrian Henry Edward Hall ( Lucking and Sons)Joyce Evelyn Hampshire ( Hunnaball Of Witham)unavailableWilliam Allan Milne Stein ( Co-Operative Funeralcare Chelmsford)n/an/a
14:00n/aDiana Constance Burrows ( T Pennack & Sons)Judith Reed ( A G Smith)Frederick Joe Condon ( East of England Co-Operative Burnham)unavailablen/an/a
15:00n/aThomas Bryan Hutchinson ( T Pennack & Sons)Ruth Proctor Holland ( Lucking and Sons)Margaret Rose Bamber ( T Pennack & Sons)Audrey Kathleen Lilian Root ( T Pennack & Sons)n/an/a